EverQuest II is now… F2P on Steam

Brace yourselves for the incoming F2P gamers!

Today proves another point of mine. Most MMOs are going to be free-to-play here in the near future. From the business side of things, it makes sense. I doubt any MMO is going to get the kind of response that World of Warcraft did. However, one thing you can’t argue is that WoW did work miracles for the whole MMO genre.

If you play a MMO, you no longer have this stigma on yourself that makes you seem ‘nerdy.’ WoW did wonders for gamers whether you like it or not. As I digress, this move by SOE and the EverQuest II team, is a good one.

As we just announced, APB: Reloaded went F2P on Steam the other day. You can now do the same for EverQuest II. The game is free on Steam and is available for download now. If you are a finally going to give EverQuest II a try – come back and leave a message on our forums and tell us about the game and why others should be playing it.

Source: [Steam]