How To Add Games From Amazon To Your Steam Library

This is a “How-To” guide on how to activate Amazon’s “Digital Downloaded” games on to Steam.

If you’re like me and you need to satisfy your OCD habits by having all your games in one place and in perfect order – you probably have Steam. So when you’re being a smart shopper and you buy a game for cheap off Amazon, you’ll want to know how to add them to your Steam Library. This guide will help you add those games and get them working in your Steam Library.

1. First and foremost, make sure you are logged into your Amazon account and buy your desired game.

2. Next, at the top-right part of Amazon, click on the link named “Your Digital Items.”

3. That will take you to a screen where your next step will be to find the “Games & Software” section and then click on “Your Games & Software Library”


4. Then, you will be brought to a screen that has the game’s information on it, along with an activation code. Copy this activation code and be ready to paste it into Steam.

5. Open up Steam and find the button in the bottom left of Steam that reads, “+ Add A Game.”

6.  Once you open up that tab – you’ll want to select the “Activate a Product on Steam…”

7. That will bring you a few prompts that you’ll just click through. After that you’ll find yourself at a screen that looks similar to this:

8. Paste or enter the activation key that you copied from Amazon.

9. At this point the game should be added to your Steam Library and the game should be downloading.

10. Enjoy your Steam supported game.

Disclaimer: Not all games that are purchased through Amazon will activate on Steam. Be sure to check if the game you are purchasing can be activated through Steam.