EA/Origin Ends Battlefield 3 Offer Three Weeks Early – Makes Tons of Friends

On Tuesday, EA and Origin announced a promotion whereby everyone who preordered Mass Effect 3 on Origin before March 5th would receive a free copy of Battlefield 3.

It almost seemed too good to be true.

Well in typical EA/Origin fashion – it turns out that it was.

Late yesterday @origin_EA sent out a Tweet stating, “The pre-order Mass Effect 3 get a bonus copy of Battlefield 3 is over. All pre-orders made during the deal will receive a code by Mar. 8th.

Had they stated that copies were limited, as they did with the Dead Space 2 free copy you were supposed to get when you preordered Battlefield 3, then people would just assume the limit had been reached and, as shady as that still is to limit the number of copies of a digital distribution bonus without clearly stating what that limit is, people would have understood.

As the case is here though, EA stated that the offer would be good to anyone who preordered before March 5th. Last time I checked, their Tweet went out on February 16th – and unless we’re in backward world, that’s well before the March 5th deadline. In a previous Tweet @origin_EA even re-confirmed that the promotion would go until March 5th, and that it wouldn’t end before that.

It’s not the first time EA has done such a thing – I was a victim of their Dead Space 2 preorder fiasco – and if this is any indication it certainly won’t be the last.

It’s truly bizarre, the PR moves that EA makes. They could go a long way towards building up some goodwill and faith in their Origin service by offering promotions such as this, but then they have to go and shoot themselves in the foot – time and time again – killing any gamer appreciation they may have gained. This really is a case of ‘one step forward, two steps back.’

Source: [@origin_EA via Twitter]