What is Slappers Only?

Slappers only.

It’s a phrase you may have heard of, long ago in your gaming youth. Does it ring a bell? Perhaps you need a hint.

Goldeneye 007. On N64.

Okay, so that’s a pretty strong hint.

Slappers only, at least for us, came to define that game. And that game came to define a generation of gamers. The gamers who spent hours crowded around a 4-player split screen, deathmatch after deathmatch, first with normal weapons, then with golden guns, and then, yup…slappers only.

If it wasn’t Goldeneye it was some other game, but the idea always remained the same.

What’s that idea?

It’s the idea that games are great, but they’re even better when you’re playing with friends.

We made SlappersOnly with that idea in mind. We’re not some huge gaming site. We’re just like you. We’re not above the community – we ARE the community!

We don’t want to waste our time or yours, which is why we don’t just re-post stuff from around the Internet. Sure, we’ll post news on SlappersOnly, but we’ll add our take on whatever we post. We’re not some namby-pamby “neutral” by the numbers website – we have opinions! And we certainly won’t be afraid to point out stupid moves when they happen. If it’s on everyone else’s mind, then it’ll obviously be on ours as well, and we’ll call things like we see them, whether the big guys like it or not.

All that and more!

We do other things here at SlappersOnly, in addition to news. We’re always playing games, and we’ll review everything we play. Why should you care about our reviews? Because we put our hearts into every one. Not only that, but we pay for the games we review with our hard earned money that we get from working other real world jobs. We don’t get “review copies” of the games we play. We don’t get paid to play games. Neither do you. It means our perspective on games is going to be the same as yours. We all have our likes and our dislikes, but when we you work hard for a brand new game, you want the honest truth. Who are you going to get that from? The guys who got the game for free and are on a deadline to get that review out? Or the guys who spent their well earned money on a game they want to play? That’s what we thought, and it’s why we’re here.

You deserve to be heard.

You may sometimes disagree with us here at SlappersOnly, and you know what? We encourage that! The more people we hear from, the more truthful of an article we can write. When we see your side we can present that as well, because you’re a part of SlappersOnly too, whether you realize it or not.

Slappers Only isn’t just a weapon set in a really old game. It’s a way of life, and it’s a darn good one. 

It’s good to have you here.